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Trendy Gear Acupressure Yoga Mat with Pillow

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Trendy Gear Acupressure Yoga Mat with Pillow

Relieve Stress Pain & Tension 
Perfect after a long stressful day at work
Massage & Relaxation Acupressure Mat

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  • Experience euphoric warm, pleasant, relaxing sensations across your back and a decrease in muscle tension. This is due to an increase of blood flow to the area as well as a release of endorphins which relax you and improve your mood.
  • Fall asleep faster and achieve a deep restful sleep, relieve stress, increase blood flow to areas that cause you pain, increase your energy and relax your muscles to help them recover faster after intense exercise.
  • An added benefit of using the mat in the evening for 10-15 minutes is that it puts you in a very relaxed state, allowing you fall asleep faster and have a more deep, restful sleep
  • NOTE: Do Not fall asleep on the mat
  • HOW TO USE FOR TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN; Laying the mat on the floor is for advanced users due to the floors hard surface.
  • For beginners and intermediate users we recommend you lay the mat down on your couch then slowly and gently lay back against the mat while spreading your bodyweight evenly across the mat.
  • You can also put it against your computer chair or couch and sit back against it while watching tv or using your computer.
  • Standing on the mat barefoot for 3-5 minutes helps relieve tense, aching feet using the principles of reflexology  stimulating key pressure points on the soles of your feet. 
  • The mat is light weight and can be rolled up for storage or travel so that you can relieve pain anywhere you go. The longer you stay on the mat the better you will feel


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